Youth Filmmakers Showcase

Thursday, April 6, 4:00 PM | VANCITY THEATRE

The 9th annual Youth Filmmakers Showcase (YFS) is a curated program which brings together the best film and video made by youth in grades five to twelve from across British Columbia. YFS is an opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to screen their films in front of a live audience, and have an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other filmmakers and professionals.

Based on proficiency in form, expression, experimentation and content, prizewinners will be selected by a jury of film industry professionals. The audience will also have an opportunity to weigh in and vote by secret ballot for the most popular film award. Only those in the audience can vote, so come out and support Vancouver's up and coming filmmakers!

This program screens as part of the Youth Media Conference for high school students and is open to the public. You are welcome to arrive early for our Behind the Scenes Expo at 3:00pm -- a career fair focused on the entertainment industry. Have your questions ready; this is your chance to get your foot in the door to the career of your dreams! If you are interested in participating in next year’s edition of the showcase, send us your work. Submission guidelines can be found on the main YFS page.

Build your community with R2R and VPL! As an addition to the Showcase, the Vancouver Public Library will be offering programs for teens in their digital creation space, the Inspiration Lab. Join library staff for a whirlwind tour of the Lab, sign up to try out their Green Screen and filming equipment or learn the basics of audio recording in their sound booths. That's right, a special opportunities to connect with likeminded individuals and learn new skills! The Inspiration Lab is FREE to anyone with a library card



Jay Ruckzia, Zed Morrison, Jeremi Rossignol, Roman Mann Hunter Dillon, Lorence Xu | 3:46 | After watching Frankenstein, Victor sets out to build a brother to keep him company. Inspired aesthetic choices bring this black and white short to life.

Jack Morin, Luke Seybold, David Sui, Aiden Carere, Isabella Manderson, Isaac Hole, Jae Seung | 6:55 | A young man who has grown up in a small room with just the company of a robotic radio must decide between safety and freedom.

James Qiu, Greer Ross-McLennan, Sean Sherst, Eddy Yang | 4:37 | A game of chess is gradually enveloped in darkness as the stakes increase with every move. Costume and set design anchor this work.

Rachel Hageman, Mackenzie Jones, Hannah MacKay, Niccola Marsden, Heather Martin | 6:03 | An irreverent employee of the Haida Heritage Centre learns a lesson in cultural respect.

Kaelan Coull, Trey Phillips, Nova Schiewe, Griffin Phillips,  Mani Overton | 2:25 | A satirical guide to life in the Kootenays.

Crystal Lin | 2:26 | This is a warning: Never ignore the pop-up warnings on your computer

Poppy Shaw | 5:58 | Slick editing and camera work help immerse us in this documentary about energy access for Africans, which has brought many benefits to Rwanda by increasing educational and entrepreneurial opportunities for girls and women.

Bryce MacGregor | 5:13 | Philophobia is the fear of emotional attachment and the persistent fear of falling in love. This work is shot with stylized aerial photography and dynamic camera work.

Chloe Chang, Aishu Goyal, Amy Li, Mia Kindrachuk | 1:00 | In a technology-driven world, you have to disconnect to reconnect.

Sidney Lin | 2:02 | After falling through a black hole, a little girl must find her way back home.

Emi Lavoie,  Alexis Ortiz | 3:59 | Two friends talk about their favourite superheroes, and through subtly written dialogue, they reveal a deeper connection.

Aria Seraji, Shayan Takhoyori | 2:00 | This is an experimental film based on the viewpoint of someone suffering from an anxiety attack.

Kenza Zobaidi, Garnet Tyler, Vince Salvaloza, Tina Nowarre | 6:02 | Finding out that he is able to capture sounds, a young man begins his own private collection.

Elyjah Del Bianco, Jackson Adrian | 6:27 | Mystery and mood are captured with each thought-provoking frame as a secret delivery boy navigates the city. What is he carrying?

Syndy Shi, Brandon Benson | 3:07 | An experimental short that examines the consequences of our often overly critical and ambitious selves.

Delaney Lathigee, Emma Leard, Taylor Palmer | 3:48 | Steeped in angst, a teen reflects on the banality and, at times, isolated feelings that usually go unnoticed in her day to day life.

Maya Rodrigo-Abdi, Shianne St. Goddard | 3:49 | This is a feminist manifesto from the perspective of teens trying to escape the male gaze. 

Arlo Henderson, Hanah, Skye Laporte, Jip Overton, Noah, Yashuah Martin-Reid | 2:26 | Animation, inventive lighting, layered camera work and original music underscore the importance of finding value in everything. 

Alexa Gladstone-Brown, Astrid Wilson | 4:13 | This inspirational documentary celebrates Heiltsuk culture and its future.

Josh Levy, David Sui | 1:10 | This poetic and visually stimulating PSA illuminates the beauty of Canada’s forests, while advocating for wilderness protection.

Ben Macphail, Connor J. Sabourin, Michael M-Rothlin | 4:29 | Two young men meet on an earthquake-stricken trail. An unlikely friendship is foraged, and to their surprise, it could mean the beginning of something more.

Tru Wilson | 4:39 | Kimberly Nixon, a Trans Activist pioneer, shares intimacies of her life journey, and her work to engage the Human Rights Tribunal and enshrine the rights of transgender people in Canada.

Shireen Dalbey | 2:57 | The relationship of two brothers is tested when a door appears in their path.

Camille Point, Katie McDonald,  Tierney Schutz | 2:45 | A sense of poetry and provoking imagery are employed to examine human evolution and urban landscapes within a nocturnal experience. 



Tania Alekson has spent almost half a century watching, loving and thinking about movies. She previously worked as the Operations Manager at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) and Vancity Theatre and as a film writer for CiTR Radio and Discorder Magazine. She's currently the Librarian for Fine and Applied Arts at Capilano University where she works with aspiring filmmakers, animators and documentarians in the School of Motion Picture Arts, and is a member of the VIFF International Screening Committee.
Since graduating from the animation program at Emily Carr in 2003, Elisa Cheehas directed animated music video “Scenes”, animated short “Crow’s Nests”, and created animated sequences for numerous documentaries.  Elisa is in the relentless pursuit of authenticity in the retelling of personal stories in her animation. You can catch her short film “Lucy” screening as part of two short film programs at R2R.
Brandon Yan is the Education Director for Out on Screen, an organization who's mission is to illuminate, celebrate, and advance queer lives through film, education, and dialogue. He is passionate about social justice and learning about the diversity of experiences in our queer communities across BC. As an energetic community advocate, he has led the Out in Schools program since 2015.

Based on proficiency in form, expression, experimentation and content, the jury will award the prizes above. The Audience Award winner will be determined by you, the audience! Your secret ballot will be collected at the end of the screening--you must be in the audience to vote. See you at the movies!  

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